The Many Federally Owned Lands of the American West

This map depicts US Federal government owned lands across the eleven western United States. The topic has been mapped before, but this map is interactive, uses proportional circles to show the percentage of Federal owned lands by state, and is presented with an attractive map projection.

About the map

Use the button below to switch the proportional circles on or off. Sctoll the mouse to zoom in or out. Pan the map may by depressing the left mouse button and moving the mouse. Finally, hover on a tract or circle for information.

About the data

The National Map from the National Geological Survey is the source for the land polygon data. The Congressional Research Service's report Federal Land Ownership: Overview and Data was used for the information circle data. The 'Other Agencies' category is comprised of BOR, DOC, DOT, NASA, and USDA lands.


(larger ring = larger % Federal owned)

Land Tracts:

Map authored by Ray Hasenyager. View his portfolio.